Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Thoughts About Pinoy Indie Films and Beyond

No doubt, our independent films in general are quite amusing and never failed to reach out among us.  In some ways touches our lives. There might be some that bore us in time. All in all, let's make it simple. Just simple and cannot be simpler. These Indie Films provoke different opinions, styles, and critics in their own rights. But what is it that I'm trying to point out?

This is just my opinion, ok?

I noticed that most of these Indie Films, although almost perfect in their stories, and even to the point that it reaches the audience its intended message -- may be still quite alarming. I think all of them, I may be wrong so I think if not all of them at least most of these Pinoy Indie Films narrate a different side of its story aside from the story itself. And what exactly are these "different side of stories?"  Try to notice them all -- focus on the settings -- you'll see our country's slum, poverty-stricken land, how huge of a run-down area our country is made of. Striking, isn't? Don' get me wrong, I appreciate the art that these film makers are trying to emphasize.

Maybe it's true that most of us are so much stagnant and are not even moving forward. These slums and poverty-stricken thingy genre is so 80's. I can feel a pinch in my Nationalism when most of these films are being shown abroad. I can only guess what these foreign audiences have to say:  "the film was extremely good and the country really smell awful. Yes, the film may get applauded, Filipinos will be applauded in the name of diplomacy, but yet deep within their thoughts I can only think of how devastated they think of about our country.

Particularly, try Thai Indie Films, they are way better, most of it. Story is good, nevertheless. And yet, it simply put an art in showcasing the beauty of their country, how fascinating it can be for tourists. Yes there might be some that's like our own Pinoy Indie Films, but I haven't seen any as of yet.

It feels good that Nationalism in me is starting to grow as I matured.  I know for a fact that Philippines is no longer a "third world country." Yes there are always poverty.  It's more of a part in our culture. Even these slums have high demand for mobile phones nowadays. We are now a Newly Industrialized Country and a Newly Industrialized Emerging Economy. We are progressing many years ago but most of us are so living backward and only get to notice these slums so much. Want to see how I see our country? start from here:, add some more:

I see now. I think a social reform has to take place. Let's all be proud of our country, take pride. Showcase the beauty of our land and not the art in these run-down areas.  I think it has to start in our own Pinoy Indie Film. I'm fascinated by the idea of watching another film as if it was like in a first world country.


  1. bakit ka naman may gnon tatay ron|?? hehehe..

    i like ur opinion abt how pinoy indie film goes,, and i think it's true, pero sana nga,, as we all hope for progress, gnon din sana makita natin.. which on the other hand, if we ever progress uber slow, kahit sa mga films man lang e makita na may maganda rin naman dito sa atin.. hihi

  2. @RoNRoNTuRoN: pwde na di ako yun, swear! ;D

    @c - e - i - b - o - h: Thanks! evident naman un progress, swear! I just wonder why slums are the most fav setting of our strong Indie film industry. Artistic pero others are exag na. I like the setting in "love of Siam " from Thais. We can have more than that. :)

  3. magsorry! kialala talaga kita. ahaha. kahit pa di ka namansin noon sa MOA nung tinatawag ka namin kasi me kasama ka.. hihi. wink! :D


  4. Lol. Hala wla ko alam dun i swear! Bka di tlga ako un nkta nyo or di ko kyo narinig kc i was busy. Haha. Seriously wla tlga ko ma-recall. U might be barking at the wrong tree. Hahaha. Choz!