Saturday, June 25, 2011

Train of Thoughts

It's not bad to be weak, only if we are wise enough...

I am not an open book. To be simply the me whom nobody knows that much.

I am unconventional. But there is nothing symbolic or stunning about it. I just have it as a matter of identity and nobody really cares. There are forms of self expression, of a desire to conform -- a measure of my indifference to remarks.

I just want to be as simple as I can. Perhaps I desire to be anonymous in certain scenes, to be simply the me whom nobody knows that much. I love watching people when I've got nothing to do. I see how most of them cram. I always notice their shoes. Yes. For me, seeing their shoes is like seeing them in close quarter and it means a lot. I understand that more often than not -- words are the source of misunderstanding. I'm just a quiet type of person -- more of a listener that a talker. Stubborn but reasonable.

I value the way how a person answers questions. Maybe it's because I refuse mere speculations -- I would rather demand for certainty. I hypothesize but I only consider facts. "We dont't see things as they are, but we see things as we are" -- that is how i see descriptions, statements, explanations, stories, and all-abouts -- I see them without a period. It always branches out -- then I would never stop -- eventually.

There has been an outlined insights for everything -- may it be knowing ourself -- may it be about life -- or even the smallest thing such as our favorite colours. I have reasons in everything I do and the same way I know that there's a reason for everything. We do things with purpose. There's always an intricate framework -- and those reasons are stipulated in my life's autograph.

"Everything happens for the good of God's purpose..."


  1. "Everything happens for the good of God's purpose..." agree agree. super like!