Sunday, March 6, 2011


Was there any time  that you feel helpless and yet so happy within? Yes, it is moody... Sometimes we think that all directions are against us, no one and nothing left to be blame - tons of questions and blames starting to spark. I suggest it's normal. The very good thing, better than not, there will come this moment that when all sorts of helpless drama has all been digested, there will still be an alienated feeling of happiness, somewhat very light and calm, as if a beach vacation in place. well, I thank Thee... I know Thee is guiding me all the way. As I proudly say and testify, "hope" is all I got now and I will hold on to it, endlessly. It's true, it's the beginning... And we shall fail sometimes -- to learn as always, but we will never lose... We will all have a happy, lighter, and calm beginnings...

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Welcome to my site!!! I like my blog not to focus on myself but rather an insight to whatever it is of sensible comfort -- somewhat like a very inconsistent genre -- no pattern at all, absolutely anonymous and free. This is not the first time that I ever had a blog.  I got four and they're no longer active.  I got my pictures and my name on those blogs and I felt that I am restricted to share my most desired point of view -- it was difficult for me to dig deeper within myself and share it with everyone else, I can't be too emotional and I am unlikely to be specific -- there's always limitation and censorship -- it was not free -- incarcerated in some ways.
After some times I figured out, no doubt, I am not an open book, moreover I am entitled to my own opinion.  Yes, an urge to share insights from my own binoculars without being caught.  I feel a relaxing chill of sharing my life anonymously.  It's a whole lot lighter and free.  I prefer somehow, if possible -- an attempt to make a difference that is sweet, tasty or cheesy -- and mostly, pro-life and inspiring.  Allow me to be the Plenipotentiary Ambassador in my quest to discover more of life and spaces.