Friday, December 23, 2011

Typhoon "Sendong" and the Untimely Death of DPRK Leader and Dictator Kim Jong II

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17-December, 8 days before Christmas.  while our whole Nation is grieving from deep sorrow brought by the enormous catastrophe of typhoon "sendong," which to date unleashed a death toll of over a thousand casualties, the whole world may also extend sympathy not only the Filipino victims of disasters but also to the world's most secretive state -- North Korean People who are also mourning for the distressing death of their leader, Kim Jong II.  However, North Korean Government only announced it on 19-December. The delay in the announcement  of Kim's death has been raising speculations on the strategic intention of the Democratic People's Republic of korea (DPRK).  Undoubtedly the ability of DPRK to keep secret on Kim's actual death pose serious doubt on the intelligence skills of foreign governments and spies that have been putting North Korea under extreme security watch.

The Philippines, our Nation has been through a lot over the years, and that progress and development have always been dampened by enormous political upheavals, if not by corruption, and ever uncontrollable disaster.  There's still hope, even if sometimes I may think that this country is hopeless seeing undeniable contrasts in the metropolis -- slums and villages of the affluent.  I do love and take pride of my country, I may be eventually will run out of reasons why but at least, at this kind of thoughts -- this is exactly what this country needs. Our country needs great deal of Nationalism to support its ever dampening recovery.

Hope is necessary.  If we lose that, then as a human -- we're wasting our life and purpose.  So to the victims of the recent typhoon "sendong", please hold on to your hopes and faith -- these two shall keep us able to survive.

My deepest sympathy to those that have been affected by typhoon "sendong", may God be with you.

May the spirit of Christmas be with us all.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Months Then Now

Time flies and it's not funny anymore...  I regret those many times when I had the urge to blog but hesitated as I'm unable to explain why it took me this long to write again.

I didn't realize that my last article was way back three months ago when I was just having a thought-provoking mood thinking that life is unfair because I thought my vacation trip to Bora wont push through -- that I wasn't born rich while others are and why can't it be me while others are... things and shit like that... Anyways, that was way back September and its December now. Yey!

Life is full of surprises.  Three months ago I was so hopeless and disappointed as I was about to cancel my trip to Bora that I planned couple of moths prior.  So disappointed and yet was very moody.  So there...  When all hopes and plans were gone -- there came a surprise... Been to Bora 1st week of October.  Spent more than my monthly fortune and became broke the following fortnight but I didn't care at all.  Had so much of life and memories.

That was October, is it? There came November, such a lazy month after I had my 2 weeks annual leave... Felt like never wanting to be a slave again in this corporate world that's full of diplomacy and professionalism (which is good somehow) but no sign of myself at all...  Good thing, there was this hope to do better the following month...  And wait there's more, a week before the month ended, I had my braces installed... Unable to eat solid food for weeks -- excruciating.  Still good, was able to loose fats somewhere in my abdomen -- been able to wear my old stuff.  Cool.

Reality check -- it's December now.  Making-up for what has been lost prior.  I'm a corrupt official now.  I had 20php of excess funds in my pocket -- somewhat like my PF for running a project that I manipulated the result in my favor each day.  Then again, what is corruption if I can deliver a much better result -- better result means favorable somewhat to many, or at large.  So much like PGMA.  Corrupt and yet, able to exceed expectation that Filipinos are able to benefit and most of us had no time to realize that.  Whatever...  I'm a pro PGMA just so you know...


Before this year ends, so much to celebrate and thank for... A lot to change and hope for... But a well deserved pat in the back to end this year.  To celebrate, a couple of close friends and my partner we will be in Baguio this weekend to sign-off this years' shit and moving forward...

I hope I'm right -- as of my "calculation," year 2012 will be a lucky and ever humbling year for me... I trust.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Heavenly Touch

STAR TV 5: Heavenly Touch:
'via Blog this'

"Kapag nagmahal ka ng totoo, makakagawa ka ng mga bagay na pagsisisihan mo pero handa ka harapin angkahit basta magkahawak-kamay kayo. Dahil kapag nakita mo na ang taong para sa'yo, ayaw mo nang bumitaw."

So true, many times I thought that I can always be better off just the way I was years back when I have nothing but just to look after myself -- that I was far better chasing my dreams until I got married almost five years ago. I was to find out that I've missed lessons in life such as chasing my dreams but these aren't good excuses, I realized. I thought sometimes that I can be better by myself and why shouldn't I?

So there, I realized how much I miss myself but I wont ever afford to loose this one and only person that I love so far. We've seen each other grow over the years is overwhelming. I may have some dreams to chase but it can't be all about me this time -- that when I love someone which I am, therefore things will come along that I may regret in time but I must ready myself so long as we stay together, because I know that I have the right one beside me, then I shouldn't let go...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere along the way, just as you thought and expected that all is so close to being mighty well, we may sometimes wake up one day saddened by being too realistic.

I started dreaming again just recently. It made my heart overwhelmingly happy for such a time. It gave me hope -- enough evidence to sustain my belief. I tired myself. I hurried each day to turn it into weeks, months thereafter and finally seven years had passed. Empty-handed so far so bad. Somewhat excruciating -- this pinch in my heart as I'm trying to accept that life is unfair. My apologies for my negativity. This is just once-off --I'll try my best.

I've been working hard and you know it. Even my simplest dream is yet too far from being real. I started questioning my fate, I may sound like a looser and it's so sad. Why am I not born rich? I feel so deprived, belittled by our affluent society, a slave to earn a little and pay my bills. I may still be lucky, in at least I have a decent living. But I still asked myself, why me? Why can't I be rich, or even have a good amount of money to buy my own car. There has been so much going on in my mind -- got a bunch of questions asked and still trying to cope up with a better understanding. The vacation trip I was planning months back is about to be cancelled simply because I can not afford it. I've got so much time to indulge in self-pitying, bring it on. When it rain, it really pours -- and mine is the other way around, not rain but storm.

Sigh... There's still more... How unfortunate that I loose focus again. Ideas about my ever increasing dilemma that lingers my mind for days is now unorganized and messy. So I will end this for now -- might continue depends on my mood swing. It's time to have some cold bottle of beers, I've got friends waiting for me just right outside my pad. It's Friday night and I need to try to have some fun for a while. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

World’s sexiest accents |

World’s sexiest accents |

OK, there was this one gloomy day just recently - while we were on our way to the office and while my friend drove her car like a pro -- we were tuned-in to our favorite early morning radio program of Mo Twister together with two or three other crazy-funny-smart dj's. They were talking about CNN's World’s sexiest accents. So they got the list then what? It was hilarious as Mo Twister called someone from each country had a little strange chat. I can only imagine the humongous question those who were on the other line had on their faces. It's a total weirdo.

Here's the list of the World's Top 12 Sexiest Accents by CNN:


11. THAI
Muay thai




posh english







Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Thoughts for the Past Two Weeks

I don't know, I can hardly think clearly these days. For the past two weeks I was busy with itineraries that drained me so well -- physically. To add some more, my mind was lingering over some thoughts and due dates that as I expected made my past two weeks a little bit boring, challenging, tiring -- you name it -- all negativeness -- but yet still happy.

Poor me, I was thinking each day what to write on my blog but I really don't felt like doing so. There, I let two weeks passed -- it bore me so well. But of course, don't get me wrong -- i was only talking about my self -- my life as an individual. If I talked about my love life -- well that's going to be a whole lot different -- it will be fun, exciting, and happy. That's totally different.

Maybe I was just facing a phase of frustrations and disappointments for the past two weeks -- now  I'm talking about my work, my career. I am disappointed and tired, hurting time and again -- that opportunity doesn't seem to knock on my door, not even visible within my proximity. I envy those people who happened to be successful in just a punch. Believe me, being successful is not all about professional skills -- you've got to be at the right time and place that no one ever knows when and where. I am waiting -- I cannot complain that I am so tired and burned out -- that's the best choice that I have -- I have to wait or else it will be worse. So there, I will wait under extreme pressure and excruciating pain. Maybe it's not important nowadays to understand why opportunity may often slip along the way and become unfair along its way. I don't get it, even if I came to understand it in time, not as if I can do something to change its course -- that's why steadily -- I will wait.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Million Peso Question

A question from my dear friend recently could probably worth more than a million pesos as soon as I realize the right answer. I felt the question had pinch my heart, excruciating at some point -- I couldn't dig any deeper for the right answer as I am until now -- overwhelmed with pile of plans and my tendencies of being dreamy in most cases.

We do car pooling everyday going to the office and going back home. There was this one stressful day , we felt all exhausted, as we were driving back home, one of my friend asked me this disturbing question: "Do you really like this job? If you are not in this industry, where will you most likely be?" All of them abruptly answered -- designer, event organizer, actress -- very dreamy. It was my turn to answer -- I was vague, I said I want a job wherein my decision is very crucial and in-demand -- more like of a CEO or topnotch executive post. My friends didn't buy it. They said that it's very general in nature, they were expecting for something specific. So I said, I want to be a businessman. They asked me what business venture am I going to take, I can't think of any -- maybe it wasn't really my plan after all so I said, I want to be a broadcaster, journalist, someone behind the camera writing stuff about whatever. It was then my friend all agreed as it was more like me they said.

Then I was home at last and still thinking where else do I really want to be. I remember the saying: "Choose the job that you really like and you will never find yourself working again." Very true, many days that I was just dragging myself to work -- that Monday sickness I can't get rid off. So there I knew, I'm not happy with my job, I am left with  no choice -- I have to as my job pays for my ever increasing bills.

I knew exactly what I really want to become all along -- I want to be a politician, definitely on the executive branch. I want to become the next President. So there I go, becoming dreamy again. It is too far and too impossible, I don't have a prominent and well-known family name -- it was never in our family's blood. I was thinking when and how to start. It is deadly and far from getting even to the first stage.

I am not getting any younger. All that is left for me are pressures and anxiety as I know that I can't even see myself successful, lives on a paycheck to paycheck cycle, I can't even sustain a month without a job. That's an awful bad sign for my age.

So I have to think of ways but I find it difficult. Maybe I just have to try harder and smarter, opportunity comes in the right time and on the right place. There's virtue and wisdom for those who wait. There's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. There I go, comforting myself with those words that will sustain hope for me to dream again.

"What do I really want to become -- job?" That's for me, worth a million peso question that when the right time comes that I finally realized the right answer can earn me my the first million pesos.