Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Months Then Now

Time flies and it's not funny anymore...  I regret those many times when I had the urge to blog but hesitated as I'm unable to explain why it took me this long to write again.

I didn't realize that my last article was way back three months ago when I was just having a thought-provoking mood thinking that life is unfair because I thought my vacation trip to Bora wont push through -- that I wasn't born rich while others are and why can't it be me while others are... things and shit like that... Anyways, that was way back September and its December now. Yey!

Life is full of surprises.  Three months ago I was so hopeless and disappointed as I was about to cancel my trip to Bora that I planned couple of moths prior.  So disappointed and yet was very moody.  So there...  When all hopes and plans were gone -- there came a surprise... Been to Bora 1st week of October.  Spent more than my monthly fortune and became broke the following fortnight but I didn't care at all.  Had so much of life and memories.

That was October, is it? There came November, such a lazy month after I had my 2 weeks annual leave... Felt like never wanting to be a slave again in this corporate world that's full of diplomacy and professionalism (which is good somehow) but no sign of myself at all...  Good thing, there was this hope to do better the following month...  And wait there's more, a week before the month ended, I had my braces installed... Unable to eat solid food for weeks -- excruciating.  Still good, was able to loose fats somewhere in my abdomen -- been able to wear my old stuff.  Cool.

Reality check -- it's December now.  Making-up for what has been lost prior.  I'm a corrupt official now.  I had 20php of excess funds in my pocket -- somewhat like my PF for running a project that I manipulated the result in my favor each day.  Then again, what is corruption if I can deliver a much better result -- better result means favorable somewhat to many, or at large.  So much like PGMA.  Corrupt and yet, able to exceed expectation that Filipinos are able to benefit and most of us had no time to realize that.  Whatever...  I'm a pro PGMA just so you know...


Before this year ends, so much to celebrate and thank for... A lot to change and hope for... But a well deserved pat in the back to end this year.  To celebrate, a couple of close friends and my partner we will be in Baguio this weekend to sign-off this years' shit and moving forward...

I hope I'm right -- as of my "calculation," year 2012 will be a lucky and ever humbling year for me... I trust.

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