Friday, September 23, 2011

Heavenly Touch

STAR TV 5: Heavenly Touch:
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"Kapag nagmahal ka ng totoo, makakagawa ka ng mga bagay na pagsisisihan mo pero handa ka harapin angkahit basta magkahawak-kamay kayo. Dahil kapag nakita mo na ang taong para sa'yo, ayaw mo nang bumitaw."

So true, many times I thought that I can always be better off just the way I was years back when I have nothing but just to look after myself -- that I was far better chasing my dreams until I got married almost five years ago. I was to find out that I've missed lessons in life such as chasing my dreams but these aren't good excuses, I realized. I thought sometimes that I can be better by myself and why shouldn't I?

So there, I realized how much I miss myself but I wont ever afford to loose this one and only person that I love so far. We've seen each other grow over the years is overwhelming. I may have some dreams to chase but it can't be all about me this time -- that when I love someone which I am, therefore things will come along that I may regret in time but I must ready myself so long as we stay together, because I know that I have the right one beside me, then I shouldn't let go...

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