Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Thoughts for the Past Two Weeks

I don't know, I can hardly think clearly these days. For the past two weeks I was busy with itineraries that drained me so well -- physically. To add some more, my mind was lingering over some thoughts and due dates that as I expected made my past two weeks a little bit boring, challenging, tiring -- you name it -- all negativeness -- but yet still happy.

Poor me, I was thinking each day what to write on my blog but I really don't felt like doing so. There, I let two weeks passed -- it bore me so well. But of course, don't get me wrong -- i was only talking about my self -- my life as an individual. If I talked about my love life -- well that's going to be a whole lot different -- it will be fun, exciting, and happy. That's totally different.

Maybe I was just facing a phase of frustrations and disappointments for the past two weeks -- now  I'm talking about my work, my career. I am disappointed and tired, hurting time and again -- that opportunity doesn't seem to knock on my door, not even visible within my proximity. I envy those people who happened to be successful in just a punch. Believe me, being successful is not all about professional skills -- you've got to be at the right time and place that no one ever knows when and where. I am waiting -- I cannot complain that I am so tired and burned out -- that's the best choice that I have -- I have to wait or else it will be worse. So there, I will wait under extreme pressure and excruciating pain. Maybe it's not important nowadays to understand why opportunity may often slip along the way and become unfair along its way. I don't get it, even if I came to understand it in time, not as if I can do something to change its course -- that's why steadily -- I will wait.

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