Saturday, July 30, 2011

Million Peso Question

A question from my dear friend recently could probably worth more than a million pesos as soon as I realize the right answer. I felt the question had pinch my heart, excruciating at some point -- I couldn't dig any deeper for the right answer as I am until now -- overwhelmed with pile of plans and my tendencies of being dreamy in most cases.

We do car pooling everyday going to the office and going back home. There was this one stressful day , we felt all exhausted, as we were driving back home, one of my friend asked me this disturbing question: "Do you really like this job? If you are not in this industry, where will you most likely be?" All of them abruptly answered -- designer, event organizer, actress -- very dreamy. It was my turn to answer -- I was vague, I said I want a job wherein my decision is very crucial and in-demand -- more like of a CEO or topnotch executive post. My friends didn't buy it. They said that it's very general in nature, they were expecting for something specific. So I said, I want to be a businessman. They asked me what business venture am I going to take, I can't think of any -- maybe it wasn't really my plan after all so I said, I want to be a broadcaster, journalist, someone behind the camera writing stuff about whatever. It was then my friend all agreed as it was more like me they said.

Then I was home at last and still thinking where else do I really want to be. I remember the saying: "Choose the job that you really like and you will never find yourself working again." Very true, many days that I was just dragging myself to work -- that Monday sickness I can't get rid off. So there I knew, I'm not happy with my job, I am left with  no choice -- I have to as my job pays for my ever increasing bills.

I knew exactly what I really want to become all along -- I want to be a politician, definitely on the executive branch. I want to become the next President. So there I go, becoming dreamy again. It is too far and too impossible, I don't have a prominent and well-known family name -- it was never in our family's blood. I was thinking when and how to start. It is deadly and far from getting even to the first stage.

I am not getting any younger. All that is left for me are pressures and anxiety as I know that I can't even see myself successful, lives on a paycheck to paycheck cycle, I can't even sustain a month without a job. That's an awful bad sign for my age.

So I have to think of ways but I find it difficult. Maybe I just have to try harder and smarter, opportunity comes in the right time and on the right place. There's virtue and wisdom for those who wait. There's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. There I go, comforting myself with those words that will sustain hope for me to dream again.

"What do I really want to become -- job?" That's for me, worth a million peso question that when the right time comes that I finally realized the right answer can earn me my the first million pesos.