Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up on a Mountain's Peak

I run over my old blog site again from and I can't help but wonder where the hell I got those ideas from my old blogs. I am truly fascinated as I came across some thought-provoking attempts, and how could I ever forget that once in my life I created those thoughts that even myself-to-date might not be able to dig up thoughts like that again. I've changed a lot I know.

Here are some of those that I collected from my old blog site:

"When I realized how busy and forgetful I've become, I started to ponder thoughts. The questions of yes or no -- whether to continue the trail or to re-assess everything and start looking from a mountain's peak for a better view of the world around me." (yay, how I will definitely drool over that view.)

The next one was my very first entry from my old blog site dated 10-March 2010:

"I started my old blog in Tabulas since 2006 when I was still living the life and the time of my own. I wanted to continue using my old account but I guess I was just so unfortunate that my log-in details has been revoked. That was three years ago anyway. I seemed to become too overwhelmed with my married life that's why unintentionally I forgot a lot of things and even forgot who I was and how to dream big." 

Now, back to reality. I'm more than four years married in my own rights -- and I'm still loving thee. I then also realized that part of my life each day was being spent on rush hours to and from office each humid day. Not a few times, I felt I am unable to appreciate those that move around me, I'm starting to lose my creative eyes when back in my younger years -- that was the only ace I have -- that was years back when I still don't know how to balance disposable income against whatsoever. Back in my so much younger years -- writing and simple drawing was the only expertise I know -- now, how disappointed I should be as I feel that I'm starting to forget how to use pen and charcoal -- that in time I might as well forget how it feels to appreciate each thought-provoking allegory we came across this life -- time and again.

So annoying. I live like 6-5kms away from my office. I spend an hour and a half to two hours on the road, enjoying the delightful traffic I guess. But it's okay, at least I'm not giving up.

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