Monday, July 4, 2011

Right Here

Last night, it was all but a make or break for my fragile relationship for four years. How I thought that all is well, ends well, even if I carelessly end each day in a punch, and how those rush hours each day turned into heart breaking coldness. I was so wrong.

We're not 'ok' after all... Words that I heard has finally moved my heart. It was at one space broke my heart. But like everyone else I guess, when I am down and guilt started to pinch my heart -- you can hardly know exactly what's on my mind and my face was all nothing but blank and dark.

Now as I realized that I am not always right. I was more than wrong after all... Words that I heard from this someone whom I've shared my whole life for more than four years were the most humbling words that I ever heard as of yet. It was indirect. Awakening and thought provoking. The mood were all that soft and calm. It was about those words that was said and not how those words were said. Kind and forgiving.

Not only I realized my fault, how memories traveled through time four years back -- I assume we will start over again. I felt this relationship was at once been taken for granted and now has been so refreshingly new yet still fragile. I will make it up. The love that I felt has been revived. And at once, the beat that has started to slow down has now started to beat faster once again.

I felt so good. I'm still in-love. I realized that I will hold on to this fragile and strong relationship for the rest of my life.

So assuring, our willingness to compromise hold us back from falling-out. This new beginning is good, crisp, and fresh. delicious and yummy.

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