Saturday, March 5, 2011


Welcome to my site!!! I like my blog not to focus on myself but rather an insight to whatever it is of sensible comfort -- somewhat like a very inconsistent genre -- no pattern at all, absolutely anonymous and free. This is not the first time that I ever had a blog.  I got four and they're no longer active.  I got my pictures and my name on those blogs and I felt that I am restricted to share my most desired point of view -- it was difficult for me to dig deeper within myself and share it with everyone else, I can't be too emotional and I am unlikely to be specific -- there's always limitation and censorship -- it was not free -- incarcerated in some ways.
After some times I figured out, no doubt, I am not an open book, moreover I am entitled to my own opinion.  Yes, an urge to share insights from my own binoculars without being caught.  I feel a relaxing chill of sharing my life anonymously.  It's a whole lot lighter and free.  I prefer somehow, if possible -- an attempt to make a difference that is sweet, tasty or cheesy -- and mostly, pro-life and inspiring.  Allow me to be the Plenipotentiary Ambassador in my quest to discover more of life and spaces.

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