Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fate VS Conflict

I was browsing my old blog ( yesterday and I found one old article dated September 15, 2006. I was only 21 year-old way back then and now, I feel I'm gaining too much "age." I know how fast time goes by and I rarely noticed it, maybe the next thing I'll know I'm already in my 30's. What adds to my worries is the fact of life that it continious to tick so much faster than before. I know I still have my missions that I might be running a bit too late against the fast tick of time.

Anyway, going back to my old article I mentioned earlier. It says "FATE vs CONFLICT"

I still remember that I got the idea from the book I've read years ago so I profoundly express my gratitude to the book we might all heard before -- "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.

Why "Fate vs Conflict?"

It says:

There are two ways on how we can look at life -- either by fate or conflict. Hogs are only fated just to feed on through for the rest of their lives before they face the butcher's knife -- they can't do anything to change that... But for us human, we always have choices, we can always do something to change the future and to change our life... thus making it a CONFLICT for us...

Very true.

It has been proven many times -- words are the source of misunderstandings. As part of my "conflict" in life and that is how I want to start all over again -- I prefer not to utter any words when I know that the receiver of my "words" is not clear sighted to me.

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