Saturday, June 25, 2011

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It's been a long time since I started blogging. Had a total of three or four blog sites, now unused. Had been deserted by time and rush hours each day. Now, I'm trying to bring back my habit of writing because I realized I'm starting to be like the ordinary grown-ups that drools over generating income that somehow has forgotten how to linger on their thoughts for some times -- ideas and stories that suffer the possibility of being left untouched in time.  I don't want that. Each time I write, I feel like I'm a student once again. I feel like myself years back. It felt good. And I want to feel exactly like that more often as I can.

For the next few entries moving forward, I will re-post articles from my old blog sites. Only after then that it will trigger another re-structuring of my habit -- I  hope this time will find me more spaces and boundaries to explore.

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