Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Thoughts About Pinoy Indie Films and Beyond

No doubt, our independent films in general are quite amusing and never failed to reach out among us.  In some ways touches our lives. There might be some that bore us in time. All in all, let's make it simple. Just simple and cannot be simpler. These Indie Films provoke different opinions, styles, and critics in their own rights. But what is it that I'm trying to point out?

This is just my opinion, ok?

I noticed that most of these Indie Films, although almost perfect in their stories, and even to the point that it reaches the audience its intended message -- may be still quite alarming. I think all of them, I may be wrong so I think if not all of them at least most of these Pinoy Indie Films narrate a different side of its story aside from the story itself. And what exactly are these "different side of stories?"  Try to notice them all -- focus on the settings -- you'll see our country's slum, poverty-stricken land, how huge of a run-down area our country is made of. Striking, isn't? Don' get me wrong, I appreciate the art that these film makers are trying to emphasize.

Maybe it's true that most of us are so much stagnant and are not even moving forward. These slums and poverty-stricken thingy genre is so 80's. I can feel a pinch in my Nationalism when most of these films are being shown abroad. I can only guess what these foreign audiences have to say:  "the film was extremely good and the country really smell awful. Yes, the film may get applauded, Filipinos will be applauded in the name of diplomacy, but yet deep within their thoughts I can only think of how devastated they think of about our country.

Particularly, try Thai Indie Films, they are way better, most of it. Story is good, nevertheless. And yet, it simply put an art in showcasing the beauty of their country, how fascinating it can be for tourists. Yes there might be some that's like our own Pinoy Indie Films, but I haven't seen any as of yet.

It feels good that Nationalism in me is starting to grow as I matured.  I know for a fact that Philippines is no longer a "third world country." Yes there are always poverty.  It's more of a part in our culture. Even these slums have high demand for mobile phones nowadays. We are now a Newly Industrialized Country and a Newly Industrialized Emerging Economy. We are progressing many years ago but most of us are so living backward and only get to notice these slums so much. Want to see how I see our country? start from here:, add some more:

I see now. I think a social reform has to take place. Let's all be proud of our country, take pride. Showcase the beauty of our land and not the art in these run-down areas.  I think it has to start in our own Pinoy Indie Film. I'm fascinated by the idea of watching another film as if it was like in a first world country.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I'd just finished watching:


Definitely NOT just a story of acceptance. It's deeper than that... On the latter, it's a story of how love should be held.

In a relationship, it will never work out the way we used to hold on tight to our partner. Not merely the idea of paranoia nor insecurities. The story may silently untold the idea of loosing grip and giving freedom to finally find oneself. It was not selfish at all. Maturity is the key. Let them leave. Give them a chance. A chance to see life on their own -- without you. Love is not for you to control. It has a life of its own -- and we should celebrate for that. Because it's never fake. We always come back to the one we love -- and that is a "will" issue. :)

Train of Thoughts

It's not bad to be weak, only if we are wise enough...

I am not an open book. To be simply the me whom nobody knows that much.

I am unconventional. But there is nothing symbolic or stunning about it. I just have it as a matter of identity and nobody really cares. There are forms of self expression, of a desire to conform -- a measure of my indifference to remarks.

I just want to be as simple as I can. Perhaps I desire to be anonymous in certain scenes, to be simply the me whom nobody knows that much. I love watching people when I've got nothing to do. I see how most of them cram. I always notice their shoes. Yes. For me, seeing their shoes is like seeing them in close quarter and it means a lot. I understand that more often than not -- words are the source of misunderstanding. I'm just a quiet type of person -- more of a listener that a talker. Stubborn but reasonable.

I value the way how a person answers questions. Maybe it's because I refuse mere speculations -- I would rather demand for certainty. I hypothesize but I only consider facts. "We dont't see things as they are, but we see things as we are" -- that is how i see descriptions, statements, explanations, stories, and all-abouts -- I see them without a period. It always branches out -- then I would never stop -- eventually.

There has been an outlined insights for everything -- may it be knowing ourself -- may it be about life -- or even the smallest thing such as our favorite colours. I have reasons in everything I do and the same way I know that there's a reason for everything. We do things with purpose. There's always an intricate framework -- and those reasons are stipulated in my life's autograph.

"Everything happens for the good of God's purpose..."

Fate VS Conflict

I was browsing my old blog ( yesterday and I found one old article dated September 15, 2006. I was only 21 year-old way back then and now, I feel I'm gaining too much "age." I know how fast time goes by and I rarely noticed it, maybe the next thing I'll know I'm already in my 30's. What adds to my worries is the fact of life that it continious to tick so much faster than before. I know I still have my missions that I might be running a bit too late against the fast tick of time.

Anyway, going back to my old article I mentioned earlier. It says "FATE vs CONFLICT"

I still remember that I got the idea from the book I've read years ago so I profoundly express my gratitude to the book we might all heard before -- "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.

Why "Fate vs Conflict?"

It says:

There are two ways on how we can look at life -- either by fate or conflict. Hogs are only fated just to feed on through for the rest of their lives before they face the butcher's knife -- they can't do anything to change that... But for us human, we always have choices, we can always do something to change the future and to change our life... thus making it a CONFLICT for us...

Very true.

It has been proven many times -- words are the source of misunderstandings. As part of my "conflict" in life and that is how I want to start all over again -- I prefer not to utter any words when I know that the receiver of my "words" is not clear sighted to me.

Unconventional Assessment

Is it true, is it not -- straight ahead of oneself, one cannot go that far?

I fell. It was a long fall, although it started at ground level.

Certainly few of my bones remained unbroken. My toes point in opposite directions. that's odd, the nail on my right middle finger is black, purple actually. Looks excruciating but isn’t -- thereby confirming my pronouncement of termination... If regret is an emotion native to these post-mortal parts, I’ll meet it on my account. Is the nail on my right middle finger's discoloration emblematic -- the rottenness at its end signifying my return?
                                                              This is a self assessment...
Unconventional but nothing symbolic or stunning about it. when i was a child, i was unaware that i often stare at the ceiling for quite a while -- my parents usually caught my attention and they thought if i were thinking of something too serious. i was actually not thinking of something, i was also wondering why. what's upon that ceiling? Absolutely nothing, just like a plain blank... And why I was so entertained back then? I can't remember. Probably, a relief for me when my sight was point out to nowhere... It's like a magnificent plane, spacious and yet peaceful. Now, I have grown enough, and i can still found myself on that habit for sometimes...

I dreamed of becoming a man of versatility... Well, I am indeed versatile but in a different point of view and it is my preference. I gave up my ultimate dream of becoming an architect. I wanted to build the Philippines' tallest skyscraper. Since i was 10, i said i only wanted to be an architect and earn millions... if not an architect, a corporate lawyer -- that's all i wanted to become. looking back right now, i said to myself, that was just a mere fun of my childhood years. All I knew was to know what to want and I never thought that I will eventually go and figure it out myself on how to achieve it. I never knew what was tough and all I knew that everything was all that easy. when i was about to go to college, everyone else seemed to disagree with my plan. They succeeded in making me realize that architecture wont make me rich. I ended up now -- a corporate slave...

Now, i still have my dreams and i will take it as my last card as i remeber a line from a book which i will not tell you what book it is for it is unbelievable that someone like me will ever have interest over its prudent thought-provoking food-for-thoughts, though, i didn't finish reading it, i can't comprehend anymore -- i know i'm not ready yet. if we committed something wrong and we are not aware that it is wrong, we can still reason out by our innocence and we wont be accountable that much for the damage. the first few chapters of the book was like giving me the message that "live life as if it is your first day in the world" and other stuff that was exactly like my chilhood years. And look what have I become over my so many living my life like it's my first day in the world. I totally disagree because it only tolerates uncertainty and carelessnes. Instead, I insists that life should be lived as if it is our last day in this world -- like as if there's no second chances -- always the best shot. After all, life is more often that not, only always kind for those who outwit the population.

I never plan to work in an office facing the computer in the whole 8-hour shift... i think im loosing now... my eyes is about to expload I can feel the surge in my stomach like it always want to vomit. I look like a panda, i've got a terrible eyebug... worse...

but don't misunderstand, i'm not sad...

From to

It's been a long time since I started blogging. Had a total of three or four blog sites, now unused. Had been deserted by time and rush hours each day. Now, I'm trying to bring back my habit of writing because I realized I'm starting to be like the ordinary grown-ups that drools over generating income that somehow has forgotten how to linger on their thoughts for some times -- ideas and stories that suffer the possibility of being left untouched in time.  I don't want that. Each time I write, I feel like I'm a student once again. I feel like myself years back. It felt good. And I want to feel exactly like that more often as I can.

For the next few entries moving forward, I will re-post articles from my old blog sites. Only after then that it will trigger another re-structuring of my habit -- I  hope this time will find me more spaces and boundaries to explore.